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Auto Accident Injury Treatment in League City

Many motor vehicle accidents happen every day in the League City region including Galveston County, San Leon, Clear Lake, and Dickinson. Many drivers call these "car wrecks" or "car accidents". No one plans on being in a car accident, but it happens. We see patients covered by companies such as Geico, Farmers, State Farm, Progressive, and All State all the time so do not wait!

Whiplash injuries occur when a driver's head is injured by the collision of the vehicle. Whiplash injuries are caused by ligament injury when the head moves forward and then backwards, side to side, or when is there is a lot of force on the spine such as a roller coaster. Ligament tears and tendon tears can be minor or major depending on velocity of impact, position of driver or passenger, type of vehicle, pre-existing spine condition such as osteoarthritis.

Age is a major factor in recovering from whiplash injury. Low velocity collisions can still cause pain and long term damage to a driver's spine if left untreated. Scar tissue may form after three days and may become consistently painful.

Treatment for whiplash injuries, bone bruises, joint pain and headaches are common in our clinic and in each and every car accident. Our Doctors at Texas Spine and Sports Rehab can manage these injuries. It is important to be seen right away by a Spine and Joint Specialist. Other specialty providers many not be trained in motor vehicle injury examination and treatment.

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These are a few car crashes that happen. Please see the low speed video below.