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Testimonials on Chiropractic care and Dr AJ Vazquez

5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook!

"When asked how he stays in such great shape, Emmitt Smith often responds, "a good chiropractor."

- Emmitt Smith, Pro Football Player

"You obviously can't compete at your fullest if you're not in alignment. Chiropractic is essential for my training routine and me."

- Dan O'Brien, Olympic Athlete

"I hurt my back swinging the bat. Mark Letendre, our trainer, recommended that I try chiropractic. At first, I was skeptical, but after seeing a lot of players on the team using it. I thought I would give it a try. And after Dr.Athens gave me an adjustment on the lower back, I knew I had to get some more of that."

-Barry Bonds, MLB player

Testimonials on League City Chiropractor Dr Vazquez

My orthopedic surgeon told me that it would take a year to fully recover after surgery to a severely damaged rotator cuff, due to my age (I'm over 60). There was so much damage, he warned me that I'd wear the surgical brace for 6 months.

Dr. Vazquez, an expert in sports rehabilitation techniques, helped me recover the use of my shoulder and arm with a minimum of discomfort. Amazingly, I only needed the brace for 7 weeks (the surgeon was stunned) and I regained full use of my shoulder-arm in less than 6 months!

My husband, a marathon runner, has also consulted with Dr. Vazquez. He now uses orthopedic inserts in his running shoes that have re-aligned his balance, leading to a smoother running gait.

Recently, my 84 year-old mother injured her shoulder and insisted on having Dr. Vazquez treat her, because she had witnessed my amazing recovery. She tells everyone about the wonderful treatment she received. Thus, you can see that Dr. Vazquez has helped each member of my family back to a healthy life.

I heartily recommend Dr. Vazquez! He takes advanced training several times per year, to keep abreast of the latest theories and treatments.

In a therapeutic setting, Dr. Vazquez is on time, personable and creates an atmosphere where great results are the norm!"

-Jerry J. , Texas City

UFC fighting with arms upThank GOD I could get better with the great help of Doctors. AJ Vazquez, VU TRAN and LUBOR and my training partners.

-Draculino-Houston, Texas

In 2008, when I first met Dr Vazquez, I truly believed I was going to end up in a wheelchair. The pain that I had in my hips was unbearable. I remember how attentive and caring Dr Vazquez was. He actually listened! After he examined me, he proposed a treatment plan that lasted a few weeks. After the first week, I noticed a huge change. The acute pain was gone! I continued to follow his program and I can now say that I am pain free.... I am forever thankful to Dr Vazquez. He was so patient with me. He carefully explained step by step the treatment plan. I trusted him to adjust my body and do whatever was necessary to get me back to health. I am so glad I did!!! He is a true professional...

-Corinne O, Friendswood Texas

I have been a patient of chiropractic medicine for 30 years and have been to many doctors in order to live with certain conditions I have had all my life. I can say that Dr. Vazquez has helped me more in the short amount of time that I have been his patient than all the other doctors I have seen put together. He is a truly gifted doctor and it is no more a matter of my tolerance of pain, I am actually pain free for the first time that I can remember. I credit Dr. Vazquez for that and I credit consistent visits to his office.

-Kathy M, Pasadena, Texas

I met Dr. Vasquez during his first days at the spa. I was very glad to know that I would have everything under one roof. I have been receiving acupuncture, adjustments, massages, and therapy for my feet with great results--I can wear heels! I have received excellent care with each of my visits. I go for a visit when needed or every two to three weeks. I enjoy treating myself with a massage when stressed and feel relieved and relaxed enough to fall asleep. I have not left without satisfaction.

My mother, age 84, drives from Louisiana for therapy left from a previous stroke and receives so much help with stability and circulation from massages. She won't go to any other chiropractor and acupuncturist.

The building has been completely remodeled since my first days in 2004, each time I can see the improvements that have been added or changed.

I am thankful for all of the wonderful people that work here and so is my mother!

If you are looking for a doctor with a caring staff, then come and visit Dr. V. He is caring and compassionate to all as well as his staff.

See y'all in a week! :)


Centrally located at 103 Davis Road, League City, Texas 77573