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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is chiropractic so popular today?

A. Opioid abuse has risen in the last 10 years. The average patient gets addicted to somas, hydrocodone, and other narcotics. Nerve suppression medications are not effective in long term treatments.

Flexiril (muscle relaxer) can be ineffective and cause weight gain. Gaba pentin is not a long term solution and is associated with other side effects.

Chiropractic care continues to show effectiveness in treatment and is considered less expensive compared to pain medication, surgery, and injections over a 12 month period.

Q. Who sees a Doctor of Chiropractic?

The list of past and current patients are as follows:

  • Local family physicians and specialty doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurse practitioners, physician assistants
  • Registered Nurses
  • Attorneys
  • CEO of local companies
  • Former NFL owner and entrepeneur
  • Coaches, teachers, and faculty administration
  • Families in the neighborhood
  • Pilots and associated fields
  • Olympic athletes
  • SUPERBOWL champions
  • Veterans
All have one goal: to achieve better health in a quicker time period and to prevent further degenerative conditons to occur.

Q. What can my sports chiropractor order?

MRI's, X rays, CT 's, Myelograms, Nerve Conduction studies, Vascular tests, Spinal Ultrasound, or Nutritional tests for deficiencies.

normal, bulging and herniated discs

Q.Does insurance cover my chiropractic care?

Yes (in most cases). Insurances deem chiropractic as safe and so include coverage due to its effectiveness . It is safer than surgery. Individual insurance policies are unique and must be verified.

Q. Will physical therapy alone fix my disc injury or chronic low back pain?

The majority of cases will not be fixed by physical therapy. (Physical therapy does not change the spinal region.)

cervical fusion x-ray

Q. Will the doctor crack my bones?

No. Cracking bones is not the correct term but is used to scare patients away from Chiropractic Physicians. The "cracking" sound is a change in pressure from high (pain) to low (no pain). Chiropractic malpractice insurance is the lowest among doctors because it is safe and effective. Chiropractic malpractice insurance is 80% lower than medical malpractice policies.

Q. What makes this office different from other chiropractic offices in the area?

Many places offer one service Chiropractic treatments. Our office offers a integrated approach of acupuncture, soft tissue therapies, therapeutic exercise, decompression of the spine, massage, laser therapy, upper body/lower body treatment and sports therapy. We select therapies that when combined treat the patient in a more timely manner (shorter time period). We are able to return patients to their jobs, sports, and life in a shorter time. Your best health is our number one mission. Your quality of life depends on lifestyle habits and a great healthcare team.

Q. Do chiropractic treatments hurt?

No. The doctor of chiropractic utilizes different techniques for each body type and age. Treatments for young athletes differ from large adults. The doctor uses spine techniques that are safe and require little to no force on any area of the spine. Smaller females are treated differently than their larger spouses. Our goal is relief after each visit.

Q. Does acupuncture hurt?

No. Acupuncture needles are twice the width of a human hair and therefore very small. The doctor uses the highest quality of needles that are gentle on the patient and provide a sterile tool for the doctor. A light discomfort is sometimes felt similar to a mosquito bite.

Q. Is chiropractic safe for children?

Yes! Kids can be seen by a Doctor of Chiropractic for conditions of back pain, muscle spasms, foot and arm injuries. Many parents are concerned about the well being of their child. The Doctor sits down with the parents and the child to discuss the best treatment for the child and the options that are available for that condition. There are child specific techniques and treatments that are available for various conditions.

Q. Do you accept Medicare patients?

We do accept Medicare patients at this time. The Doctor believes in caring for the elderly in a safe and conservative manner. If chiropractic care can eliminate the need for more pain medications, then the patient will have a less chance of drug interaction and dependency.

Q. Can I be seen after having surgery of the spine?

Yes, we can treat the areas around the metal fusion in the spine. Chronic pain is usually common after surgery. Spinal Surgery is only 17%-38% successful in treating low back and neck pain. Our goal is get to the source of pain and stop it.

Q. If I start chiropractic care, do I have to go for the rest of my life?

Few patients have to be treated for more than 8 weeks. There are a few groups that we see more often than the rest. These groups are :

  • Athletes
  • Active Adults
  • Contact sports
  • Gardeners
  • Self-Employed (plumbers/electricians/handyman)
  • CPU oriented employees/contractors-bad posture

Q. What is the difference between physical therapists and a chiropractic doctor?

A physical therapist is trained in muscle strengthening for injured joints using exercise, and physiomodalities such as electrical muscle stimulation. Most physical therapists go to school for 2 years for education.

Sports Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat most joints of the body but are primarily known to the public for treating the spine. A chiropractor is trained to image and manipulate/mobilize each joint of the body, use physiomodalities, use exercise routines and strengthening, advanced therapy options like acupuncture, laser, or decompression, nutritional supplementation, and bio-mechanical changes on the body as a whole. A chiropractor treats the source of the injury and not only the pain. Most chiropractors go to school for 3.5 years minimum and specialize in 1-2 year programs afterwards.