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Weight Loss Program

Our mission is to help educate patients on weight loss, and healthy eating in the communities of League City, Dickinson, Texas City, Santa Fe, and San Leon. Our focus is to help patients get back to feeling great and living well.

Our Programs

Doctor-Supervised Custom Weight Loss Program

Designed to help you Lose 20-35 lbs in 6 weeks. We help you manage your diet, stress hormones, and nutritional needs. Maintenance phases are customary and available after desired weight is met. Our custom dishes and patient education help our patients make great lifestyle habits.

Athlete Program

Designed to help you stay active while you lose weight. It includes a meal plan, vitamins, minerals, and our potent herb formula to help you prosper this new year!

Acupuncture program

We use traditional eastern medicine to curb the appetite of patients. Our results are consistent and require little time.

Hormone Friendly Weight Loss Program

This diet is designed to help the body return to normal biochemistry. The body is made of a mixture of hormones that are aggravated by many foods in the American diet. Hormone testing will be needed for this program. This program can help anyone lose weight the right way!