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Car Accident Questions

Being in a motor vehicle accident can be painful and confusing. Most insurance companies will be very vague about providing healthcare to the injured party or family. The insurance company will most likely not call or return voicemails. The injured driver may have health insurance coverage through the other driver's insurance company and may not know it. Our office specializes in finding the coverage that may be needed for examination, x-rays, CT scan, MRI's,and physical rehabilitation. We will list the most common questions below:

Q. What to do after you have been hit?

Be evaluated by a Spine Specialist immediately. The longer you wait for evaluation and care, the more likely the insurance will state you are not injured.

Q. Where do you go for whiplash injuries?

Our office will accept you the same day or the next day.

Q. What can you expect in the Examination?

Full Orthopedic exam, Neurological and Musculo-skeletal tests, Bio-mechanical diagnosis, X Rays, Surface EMG, or CT scan, MRI if needed.

Q. Will the insurance company pay for my care?

In most cases, yes they will. Pre-authorization will be needed in most cases. Our office can handle that tedious process.

Q. Do I need an personal injury attorney?

Insurances will be make this process tedious and time consuming. They are trained to call you at the most inconvenient times possible and dispute your injuries and car damage. A good personal injury will make time to help you with the case. Our office works with a small group of attorneys in the area and will be happy to recommend them.

Q. What treatment will I need after a car accident?

Therapies that will be recommended are as follows: home recommendations, home stretches, anti-inflammatory modalities, chiropractic care, laser therapy, physical rehab and strengthening, massage, and return-to-work accommodations.

Q. What information will I need to provide to the Treating Doctor?

Please bring the insurance information such as claim number, adjuster name and number, your filing incident report/case number, your valid ID, and attorney information (if available).

Q. Why is treatment necessary?

Whiplash injuries are structural injuries to the spine. It is equivalent to having foundation cracks in a house. When a human injuries the spine, the structure (spine) and the surrounding support rods (muscles/tendon/tissue) must be treated. Treating the muscles (physical exercises) does not fix the problem. It is a combined approach to a complex injury that mean the difference between fixing it or covering up the symptoms.

Q. What are the most common mistakes injured drivers make?

  1. Not seeking treatment right way.
  2. Being evaluated by primary care practitioner and not following up with a Spine and Joint specialist. The Spine and Joint Specialist knows how to report injuries caused by a car wreck and help the patient recover to 100% if possible.

Q. Do I settle with the insurance company?

Most insurances want to settle within two weeks of the date of the car accident in order to close the claim and save money. Most injured drivers do not realize they have pain until 3-5 days after the car wreck and are not sure about where to receive care. Most drivers get confused about who will pay the claim and the healthcare bills. The insurance adjuster's job is to finalize payment for healthcare costs before the patient realizes the extent of the injury. Once the claim is closed, it is difficult to re-open the case. Seek advice before you settle anything.

Our video will explain how arthritis and degeneration of the spine start after a car accident.