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Your 5-Point Check List for Proper Computer Posture

Written By Texas Spine & Sports Rehab Clinic on October 4, 2019

Woman with neck pain from computer postureDo you have back or neck pain after a long day at the office?

To avoid injury and chronic pain in the future, practice these techniques for improving your posture.

How to Avoid Back and Neck Pain at Your Computer Desk

Although your mobility may be limited at your desk job, you can still be mindful of proper sitting posture. 

1. Take Consistent Breaks During the Day 

Taking regular breaks during the day ensures that you stay mobile while at work. If possible, get up for a quick walk every 30 minutes, even if it’s just to the bathroom and back. You can effectively counteract back and neck pain with consistent movement. 

2. Keep Your Computer Monitor at Eye Level 

It’s important keep your computer monitor at eye level – so you aren’t looking downward and straining your neck. Additionally, the height of your desk chair as well as the placement of your computer mouse and keyboard can impact the alignment of your back and neck.

3. Use Ergonomic Support Tools

Utilizing computer ergonomics at your desk will help improve your posture. Dr. Vazquez can recommend specific tools that will alleviate pressure from your back and neck. Items like foot, wrist and head rests can improve your posture.

4. Practice Proper Computer Posture

Proper sitting posture consists of:

  • Placing your feet flat on the floor
  • Sitting up straight with your shoulders back
  • Keeping your lower back pressed to the back of your seat

5. Stretch Often

It is a good idea to stretch often to keep your neck, shoulders, and back free from tension. Stretch regularly and as often as you need – at your desk, in your car at breaktime, or when you get home at the end of the day.

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