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Why You Should Choose Chiropractic as Your Whiplash Treatment

Written By Texas Spine & Sports Rehab Clinic on May 13, 2019

Auto Accident SceneAfter an auto accident, it’s essential to seek prompt and thorough care.

In some cases, whiplash presents obvious symptoms – especially after moderate to severe accidents.

In other cases, however, you may feel completely fine for a few days, but that doesn’t mean your body hasn’t sustained an injury.

Chiropractic offers a proactive and comprehensive whiplash treatment.

Chiropractic as a Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash is a severe neck injury, and it’s one of the most common conditions associated with rear-end auto accidents.

Immediate medical attention is crucial after an accident so you can begin rehabilitation and avoid chronic pain from complications. 43% of patients who suffer whiplash develop long-term problems.

Your League City, TX chiropractor, will examine your back, neck, and skull. Dr. Vazquez will also take x-rays to identify any damage or slipped discs.

It’s impossible to say precisely what kind of treatment your chiropractor will order because each patient’s whiplash injury is unique. Here are some common methods your doctor may include in your personalized treatment plan.

  • Spinal manipulation: adjusting the muscles and joints to encourage natural healing
  • Muscle relaxation or stimulation: gently stretching the muscles to relieve tension
  • Exercises: McKenzie and stabilization to reduce disc problems
  • Lifestyle modification: advice and at-home exercises

Studies show that a comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan is one of the most effective treatments for whiplash, with 93% of subjects reporting improvement.

Treatment for Whiplash in League City, TX

If you recently suffered an auto accident, the friendly team at Texas Spine and Sports Rehab can help. Dr. Alfredo Vazquez has extensive experience treating patients throughout the community for a broad range of musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries.

Don’t wait for pain from whiplash to appear – take a proactive approach. Contact Texas Spine and Sports Rehab in League City, TX today for a consultation by scheduling an appointment or calling 832-647-0761.

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