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Laser Therapy

The laser is a mobile device that can penetrate the injured tissue in a matter of seconds. It is effective at reducing the swelling of the tissue and allowing the tissue healing process to begin. Our laser is able to expedite the process of healing so the patient can return to the field, job, or home activities in less time.

The Erchonia Laser (635nm) is a cold laser that is able to go penetrate the cell to increase the following:

  • Promote rapid cell growth

  • Faster wound healing

  • Increased metabolic activity

  • Reduced fibrous tissue

  • Anti-inflammatory action

  • Increased vascular activity

  • Stimulated nerve function

Our Laser is one of the most researched lasers in the world. Please check out our video on the Erchonia Laser treatment on a shoulder.

Research Chronic Heel Pain.pdf

Shoulder and Neck Pain.pdf

You can listen to our video. This is a patient with a swollen ankle. He will demonstrate the process of using the laser on the ankle. Enjoy!